Occupy Studio is about more than outstanding sound quality. We’re a family of professionals who have artists best interest in mind. We opened our studio because we saw the lack of community in our local music scene. We have had the pleasure of helping many local artists, and now we want to extend our hands to artists all over the world.


Occupy Studio can help you with mixing, mastering, vocal tuning, and much more in a comfortable, professional atmosphere. Can’t pay our studio a visit? No problem! You can send us your files and we will work on them remotely. Our specialists will work with you directly throughout the entirety of the process to ensure your satisfaction with the end result.


Between our two Owners, there is over 20 years of Audio Engineering experience in the industry. While brushing shoulders with engineers such as Johann Chavez, and Anthony Cruz, Occupy’s staff has worked on tracks that touched artists such as, Torey Lanez, Tobi Lou, Marielle Kraft, Royal, Johnny Craig, Kelsea Johnson(aka Aria Bleu), & many more.


Those who are in the early stages of a recording career need to produce the best recordings of which they are capable. At Occupy Studio we are committed to giving you a product that you can be confident in, and stand behind. We won’t rest until you have a master that you can be proud of. Let us help you take control of your career by enabling you to be involved in each and every step of the process.