We understand that even the most talented vocalists sometimes need help to deliver their best. That’s why we offer vocal tuning services.

Vocal tuning involves many processes that are designed to improve vocal performances. Pitch correction is one of the most frequent applications of vocal tuning for artists. Very few performers have perfect pitch, and you might be surprised to find out that pitch correction is used by established artists on almost every recording.

Sometimes vocals simply need to be corrected. It is possible in many cases for vocals to be fixed without the need to redo an entire track. The way vocals interact with other tracks is very important to the final quality of a record.

Before You Send Us Vocal Files Please Make Sure You:

1) Stem the vocal tracks separately.
2) Bypass all effects on the tracks.
3) Send the isolated instrumental with no vocals.
4) Send us notes with the style of tuning in mind. (Trap, Pop, Natural)

Recording an album or a demo can be costly. You should take every measure at your disposal to make sure your vocals are tight. We’ll help you fine tune your vocal delivery and try to help you achieve perfection. Call or visit us today and see how we can help with your vocals.

Why Choose Us?

Here at our Newark, Delaware studio we use the same cutting-edge equipment that is found in the most prestigious recording studios. We can assist you with vocal tuning as well as beat creation. You have the option of working with us in our studio, or you can send in your files and let us work on them remotely.

When you enlist the services of Occupy Studio you are getting industry experience in vocal tuning, mixing, mastering, beat creation, and more. We can help you sound like the star that you are meant to become. Our engineers know what it takes to create a successful project.


Vocal Tuning 1-2 Tracks

  • 3 day Turnaround
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Vocal Tuning 3-4 Tracks

  • 3 day Turnaround
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Vocal Tuning 5-9 Tracks

  • 3 day Turnaround
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Vocal Tuning 10+ Tracks

  • 3 day Turnaround
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