Great records start right here. Our Apogee MKII is equipped with the same Audio-Digital converters that some of the most prestigious studios in the world use. It is the flagship audio interface for the entire professional audio industry and an obvious choice for countless GRAMMY Award winning artists, producers, songwriters, and engineers. Having these world class preamps, along with audio clarity and sonic transparency of this piece of gear on your tracks will really level out the playing field.


Our vocal booth walls were built with one thing in mind, isolation. Our double construction walls ensure that outside noise will not interfere with your recording. The Acoustic treatment on the inside of the booth gives us absolute flexibility when mixing your vocals into a record.


We wanted the best monitors we could get in a small package. Our Focal Alpha 65’s (bottom) are near-field monitors that allow us to ensure the stereo image of your mix is wide and precise, while also letting us hone in on specific details. The Avantone MixCubes (top) give us the “big picture” of the mix, making sure the overall balance of instruments, and tonality is exactly how you want it. With the diversity of these two sets of monitors paired together, we have confidence that your mix will accurately translate to any size sound system.