Kyle Hickey

Founder / Engineer

In 2018, Kyle Hickey reached one of many personal milestones by opening Occupy Studio. Since 2009, it had been a goal of his to own a storefront recording studio for artists and other recording arts. In 2011, Hickey packed up his gear and moved to Orlando, Florida, where he attended the F.I.R.S.T Institute to further understand his love of audio/video. Two accredited certifications later, Hickey made the trip back to his other love (now wife) Allyson, where they have started a family of their own. He finds inspiration in other people’s success. Day in and out, Hickey’s sound is growing exponentially. From mixing Jonny Craig, to featuring on a song with Tory Lanez, Hickey is quick to impress anyone listening to his craft.


“Every moment is an opportunity to learn.”