Mix 16+ Tracks


We take your tracks, and layer them in a way that lets each instrument come to life in the perfect expression. Using a variety of professional grade tools & plugins like EQs, compressors, etc. We’ll carve out a home for each instrument in your mix. No matter how “dark” or “bright” the mix, we have the sound crafting experience you’re looking for.


Once you have purchased a package, you will be prompted to upload files to our cloud. Be sure all files are labeled as *Your Name – Song Name – Track Name* (ex: Occupy Studio – Occupy Theme Song – Drums). Please visit our FAQ page to ensure your files are bounced correctly, labeled correctly, & formatted correctly before uploading. All mix packages include a master.

This product is for mixing a song with, 16 or more audio tracks. For example:

  1. Kick
  2. Snare Top
  3. Snare Bottom
  4. Hi Hat
  5. Rack Tom
  6. Floor Tom
  7. Overhead Left
  8. Overhead Right
  9. Main Vocal
  10. Main Vocal Dub
  11. Vocal Harmony
  12. Background Vocals
  13. Rhythm Guitar
  14. Lead Guitar
  15. Keys
  16. Synths
  17. Bass
  18. Sound Effects